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Generate Hundreds of Domain Name Ideas Instantly

Finding a great domain name is getting harder by the day. As of this writing, there are over 350 million registered domains. That represents more than one domain for every person in the United States!

Before I created the NameBounce search algorithm, I went through an extremely manual brainstorming process. became one of my best friends. Time and time again, I thought of a great name, looked to see if the matching domain name was available, and found that the domain had been registered for the past 15 years!

NameBounce helps you generate hundreds of domain name ideas in seconds and then checks to make sure each name is available. By spending 10 minutes using our tool, you’ll come up with name ideas that you would never have thought of in a manual brainstorming process.

After you reach the search results page, try using the filters on the left side. The filters will help you eliminate any domain name ideas that don’t have your search keyword in the exact place that you want it, are too long, or have too many syllables. When you find a domain that you like, click on the name to double-check that it’s available, then click on the star to save it to your favorites list!

Search The Most Popular Domain Extensions

Did you know that .com domain extensions only represent 40% of all registered domain names? Within the remaining 60%, there are a lot of great options!

Using NameBounce, you can generate domain name ideas with these alternative domain extensions for free. Just select your extension to the left of the “Go!” button!

Other Popular Domain Extensions (gTLDs)

We expect other popular domain extensions, like .net and .org, to increase in popularity over time. Searching for domain names with these extensions will give you even more business name ideas.

Country Code Domain Extensions (ccTLDs)

If you’re planning to do business in a specific country, it can be a great idea to choose a country code domain extension.

NameBounce is one of the few free business name generators that allows you to search for country code domain extensions. Some of our most popular country code domain extensions include, .in, and .nl.

New Domain Extensions (ngTLDs)

In recent years, domain registries have been introducing new domain extensions. These new domain extensions are generally specific to interests and industries. Some popular examples include .blog, .shop, and .xyz.

If you can get your desired business name with one of the new domain extensions, it could be an excellent fit for your business! Just scroll towards the bottom of the extension selector box, and you can select one of the new domain extensions for your search.

We are planning to add even more domain extensions over time, so make sure to check back in!

Why You Need a Website

Want a crazy statistic? As of this writing, there are over 3,000 websites listed on Flippa (many of which don’t yet turn a profit). That sounds like a lot, but not when you compare it to the 1.7 million domains currently listed on the site!

You might be looking to launch a new business, buy a domain to use later, or sell the domain on a marketplace like Flippa. While every new business needs a website, creating a website can help you in the last two situations too!

If you buy a domain to use later, putting a basic website on it can give you a platform to get feedback on your idea, build your email list, and potentially sell it if you decide to go in another direction. Tim Ferriss recommended using basic websites and forms to test new business ideas in The 4-Hour Workweek.

If you’re still far out from moving on your idea, another idea is to make a personal blog and start building your brand for when you are ready to launch. Personal blogs are easy to develop and help you showcase your authority and expertise. Our blog on took around an hour to create!

The best part is that you only have to pay for one hosting plan to host an unlimited number of websites. The GrowBig plan from SiteGround, our leading affiliate partner, allows you to do this for an introductory price of $5.95/month. Whether it’s through a personal blog or a simple test website, you can take the first step towards bringing your ideas to life without paying a fortune to do so.

And if you want to sell it? That’s fairly self-explanatory with the Flippa statistic above. For every website listed on Flippa, there are 530 registered domains. On top of the lower competition, you can help a buyer visualize what the domain could become.

Ready to get started? First, purchase a hosting plan from SiteGround by clicking here. Then, check out our comprehensive guide to building your first website!

Building a Website is Easier and Faster Than You Think

Building a website for your new idea sounds intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. To make the process smooth, we created a comprehensive, step-by-step beginner’s guide on how to build a WordPress website using SiteGround's WordPress Starter tool.

The WordPress Starter tool has dozens of pre-made themes that fit a variety of different business ideas. Even if you can’t find one that suits you perfectly, there are tons of themes available from other sources. ThemeForest alone has over 11,000 available themes!

Even if you find a great theme, you may still want to customize the look and feel of your website. Within our guide, we show you how to use Elementor, a WordPress tool that helps you customize your website’s pages with simple drag-and-drop features.

If you’re building a personal blog or a basic website to test your new idea, as we mentioned in the section above, then you can have your site ready to go in as little as one hour.

Are you ready to get started? Then click here to access the guide!

5 Essential Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name

No matter what your idea is, it’s essential to choose a great domain name. Finding a great domain name goes hand-in-hand with finding a great business name.

In this section, we wanted to outline five must-follow tips that are specific to finding a great domain name. For more detail on finding a great business name, check out our How to Name Your Business blog post. It’s a 2,000+ word, comprehensive guide that goes along perfectly with these domain naming tips!

Tip #1: Don’t Panic if Your Favorite Domain Isn’t Available

Sometimes, you might identify a great domain name that isn’t available. Don’t panic if it seems out of reach! Here are a few options that you can try to acquire the domain name.

First, try going to the website itself. Sometimes, there is a “for sale” notice right on the site! If it appears to be parked, you can also try checking popular domain sale marketplaces like GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, Afternic, and Flippa. Don’t panic if the price seems high – try and put in a bid that’s within your budget, even if it’s lower than the listed price. The worst thing that can happen is they say no!

Secondly, try looking up the domain owner’s contact information on a site like If you can find their email address, you can email them directly to see if they’d be interested in selling.

Finally, if you can’t find contact information, domain name brokerage services like DomainAgents will track down the seller for you.

Even if you can’t get the exact name, you can always try adding a modifier (like Tesla did with or using an alternative extension, like .net.

Tip #2: Avoid Hyphens, Acronyms, Odd Spellings, and Numbers (Unless It’s Obvious)

When I tell someone about my website over the phone, it’s much easier to say “NameBounce Dot Com” than “Name DASH Bounce Dot Com.” If you use hyphens, acronyms, odd spellings, and numbers in your domain name, you might end up confusing potential customers.

The only exception here is that you can consider using a number if it’s obvious. Some famous examples include and Most people would not think to type out or!

Tip #3: Verify the Domain’s History

Even if you find an unregistered domain, it may have been registered in the past and have some baggage associated with it. If you’re planning on building a business around a domain, it’s essential to do some due diligence to make sure that Google hasn’t penalized it.

Some important tasks to check your domain include viewing it on, creating a Google Search Console account and checking for manual penalties, and checking the domain’s link profile. If your domain has issues, you can either try to clean it up as best as you can or pick a different name.

If you want to go into even more detail, services like Verified Domains perform additional due diligence checks for a fee.

Tip #4: Make Sure the Domain is Set to Auto-Renew

If you read popular domain name books like The Domain Game, you’ll see horror stories from domain owners who lost valuable names by forgetting to renew them after they expired.

Nowadays, reputable registrars will allow you to auto-renew your domain, ensuring that you don’t have this issue. Just make sure the auto-renew feature is turned on!

Tip #5: Buy Common Misspellings and Other Popular Domain Extensions

Remember what I said about hyphens in tip #2? Well, I broke my own rule here. I own the domain name, in addition to By purchasing other versions of your primary domain name, you’ll get an added layer of protection for your brand.

As a bonus, you can set up redirects so that if someone types in the wrong name, they’ll be redirected to your main website without even realizing they mistyped your name!

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