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Creative Name Ideas

Looking for unique and creative name ideas? Simply enter a keyword, and you'll instantly receive a list of memorable names designed to resonate with your audience.

Time Savings

Ready to save weeks or months on name brainstorming? Our name generator will save you valuable time by delivering the best name ideas for your keyword in seconds!

Domain Availability

Struggling to find a name with a matching available domain? Every name you'll see is pre-screened for domain availability, helping you create a strong online presence on a budget.

Find Premium-Quality Unregistered Domains for Free

Finding a great domain name is getting harder by the day. There are over 360 million registered domains. That represents more than one domain name for every person in the United States! As a result, using domain name generators like NameBounce has become more and more necessary.

In their quest for the perfect domain name, many businesses spend thousands of dollars on a premium .COM domain. These domain names have typically been registered for years, and are held by speculators waiting for the right buyer.

On average, a premium domain name sells for over $2,000, which is an enormous expense for most new business owners!

The crazy thing is that there are still TONS of great domains available. Even if you have the budget for a premium name, you should still look for unregistered names as part of your domain search.

There's a very high chance you'll find a fantastic name and save $2,000 or more at the same time!

In this post, I will show you how our domain name generator tool works, and give you step-by-step instructions to find amazing domain ideas using it.

Reading this blog post and using our domain name generator could literally save you thousands of dollars, so let's dive in!

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How Our Domain Name Generator Works

You can find an amazing name with our domain name search tool in just a few clicks!

To get started, simply enter a keyword into the search box above. After that, we'll generate a big list of brand names. Before we show you the results, we'll check each one for domain name availability. You'll only see brand names that have corresponding domain names available.

All of this takes place in just a few seconds. Once that process is done, you'll see the search results! We also offer discounts on domain name registration through our partners, because everyone loves a discount!

Unless you pick a popular keyword like "Media" or "Digital," you'll see hundreds of domain name ideas. Picking the best domain name ideas from an enormous list can be a challenging endeavor!

So on the search results page, we include three cool functions to make your domain name search easier. Here's a short overview of each:

Search Term Filters

Your input keyword will be included in every name. But you might decide that you want that keyword to be in a specific place in all of your name ideas. If so, click our search term filters to narrow down your options!

Length and Syllable Filters

In general, shorter domain names are better than long ones. You can use these filters to set the maximum length and syllable count of your domain name suggestions. They make it so much easier to pick a short, memorable domain name.

Save Your Favorites

Making a brainstorming list is always a good idea. If you find a name you like, you can simply press the star next to it to "favorite" it. We'll save your favorites to your browser, so you can have your full list whenever you're ready to decide!

The Secret to Using Our Domain Name Generator: Word Sparks

The secret to getting memorable name ideas from our domain name generator is picking the right input keywords. We call these keywords "Word Sparks."

Word Sparks don't necessarily have to be obvious. For example, a photography business isn't solely limited to words like Photography or Picture. They could choose a "hinting" word like "shutter," or even a highly brandable keyword like "label" or "light."

Here are three categories of Word Sparks to use in your name:

Word Spark Type #1: Descriptive Word Sparks

Descriptive Word Sparks will make what your company does obvious to clients.

For example, nobody would expect Sprinkles Cupcakes to sell anything other than cupcakes.

Picking a descriptive Word Spark is a great way to enter a market quickly. It will communicate your value proposition right at the start. That means you don't have to spend money establishing what you do to your customers.

The biggest disadvantage of a descriptive Word Spark is flexibility. Once you've chosen a descriptive Word Spark, you're typically stuck with your original business idea. It's hard to change the company's focus without a total rebrand.

Before you choose a descriptive company name, take some time to think about your future business plans. Ask yourself the question: will this name prevent you from expanding into new markets, product lines, or services?

Word Spark Type #2: "Hinting" Word Sparks

Hinting word sparks give your customers a hint of what you do, without being too descriptive.

A hinting Word Spark combines the best parts of descriptive and brandable Word Sparks. They're creative, memorable, and still communicate your business focus.

Hinting word sparks are a great way to establish yourself as a unique brand in your industry. People will remember your name long after they forget the domain names of your competitors.

There are very few disadvantages to using a "hinting" Word Spark. They're obviously not as flexible as "brandable" Word Sparks, but they will generally cover most reasonable product and service expansions.

Word Spark Type #3: Brandable Word Sparks

As you would expect, a "brandable" Word Spark doesn't describe your business or its industry.

The biggest advantage of a brandable domain name is flexibility for future expansion. This can be a huge advantage for startups. Startup business models can change, especially when they bring investors on board.

Google is a great example of a company utilizing a brandable domain name. Their name fits everything from website analytics (Google Analytics) to domain names (Google Domains) to Maps (Google Maps). While they chose to rebrand their parent company as "Alphabet," they could have stuck with the Google name for just about all of their products and services.

Google also has an incredible amount of brand value in the eyes of its audience. So when they put their name on a new product, people are more likely to trust it.

The biggest disadvantage of a brandable domain name is that it's less specific. You'll have to spend more money to market your name and establish what you do in the mind of your target customer.

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Search The Most Popular Domain Extensions

Did you know that .com only represents 40% of all registered domain names?

While I still generally recommend a .COM, that doesn't mean it's the only option. Within the 60% of other domain extensions, you'll find a ton of good business name ideas!

Using our domain name generator, you can generate creative domain name ideas with these other domain extensions for free. Select your extension to the left of the “Go!” button!

Other Top Level Domain Extensions

We expect other top level domains, like .net and .org, to increase in popularity over time.

Checking for domain availability with these extensions will give tons of good domain name ideas to choose from.

Country Code Domain Extensions

If you’re planning to do business in your home country, it can be a great idea to choose a country-code extension.

NameBounce is one of the few free domain name generators that allows you to check domain availability with country-code extensions. Some of our most popular country-code extensions include, .in, and .nl.

New Domain Extensions (ngTLDs)

In recent years, domain registries have been introducing new extensions. Most of the time, these new extensions are specific to interests and industries. Some popular examples include .blog, .shop, and .xyz.

Typically, I only recommend using these if you pick a short, authoritative name. A marketing agency called "Pulse" would do great with a domain like "" Google even chose for their Alphabet rebrand.

Our domain name generator includes a wide selection of new gTLDs. To select one, scroll towards the bottom of the extension selector box.

5 Critical Tips to Help You Choose the Right Domain Name

Finding a premium-quality unregistered domain name is easy if you know what to look for. Follow the tips below to get the most out of your domain name search!

Tip #1: Don't Pick a Bad Business Name to Get An Exact-Match .COM Domain Name

Domain availability is important, and it should be a big factor in your name decision.

The problem is that many businesses (especially startups) make domains the holy grail of their name decision.

While it's preferable to have your exact .COM, slightly modified domain names can still work wonders for your business.

Want to hear something crazy? You've probably heard of the innovative fitness company Peloton. You would think that they'd be at, but they're not. They're at, even after an IPO and a valuation of over $10 billion.

They likely won't get, either. An oil and gas software company that has been in business for over years owns If the Peloton you know hasn't purchased by now, they likely never will.

Even so, their "imperfect" domain name has not been an impediment to their business success.

Peloton created a catchy brand name, then found a domain name to fit around it. They stayed true to their brand identity and picked a powerful name that resonated with their audience. And their valuation exploded because of it.

Tip #2: Avoid Hyphens, Acronyms, Odd Spellings, and Numbers (Unless It’s Obvious)

When I tell someone about my website over the phone, it’s much easier to say “NameBounce Dot Com” than “Name DASH Bounce Dot Com.” In your domain name, hyphens, acronyms, odd spellings, and numbers can confuse potential customers.

The only exception is that numbers can be fine if they're obvious. Some famous examples include and Most people wouldn't think to type out or!

Our domain name generator will help you filter out the vast majority of these confusing names. It will help you register a name that is easy for both customers and search engines to understand.

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Tip #3: Verify the Domain’s History

If you find an unregistered domain, someone may have registered it in the past.

While it's unlikely, there could be some baggage associated with it. It’s usually a good idea to conduct due diligence on the domain.

You should perform at least a few basic checks before using a domain name.

First, you will want to view it on This will show what was on the domain in the past.

If the site looks off, you may want to run some more checks. You can create a Google Search Console account and check for manual penalties. If one is in place, it's better to choose a new name. It can be challenging to get these penalties removed.

Finally, it's helpful to check the domain's link profile. You can use a freemium tool like Moz to do this. If your domain has a high spam score on Moz, you can choose to clean it up or pick a different name.

If you want to go into more detail, services like Verified Domains perform additional domain due diligence checks for a fee.

Tip #4: Create a Big List of Available Domain Names

All of the big corporate naming agencies follow a similar process. First, they create a massive list of business names. Then, they whittle down that list and present the best name ideas to their clients.

If it works for them, why reinvent the wheel? Here's an easy process to follow using our domain name generator:

An Easy Process to Find Amazing Names Using NameBounce

  1. First, start by creating a list of relevant words to include in your name. Look at the examples below the search bar, and on our industry-specific name generator pages, for inspiration. You'll also find fantastic domain names if you use word roots / shortened words, like "Audi," "Cata," or "Neura."
  2. Start plugging each word into our domain name generator.
  3. Star your favorite domain names to create a brainstorming list. (Make sure you don't clear NameBounce's browser cookies, or you'll lose the list.)

Using a Two-Word Search to Generate Even More Amazing Names

When you find a great name idea, you can use NameBounce's targeted two-word search feature to generate more names like it.

If you want more detail on how this works, the best way to learn is by experimenting! Enter a few keywords into our domain name generator, and see what the tool creates.

Make sure to put a space between the two words; here's an example based on the name "Gleam Tree."

The tool works by substituting related terms for one of your input keywords. For example, searching "Gleam Tree" will return alternatives like "GleamForest," "Gleamleaf," and "Gleamfront."

If you want more detail on this feature, check out item #2 on our FAQ page.

Tip #5: Consider Word Combinations in Your Domain Search

The branding agency A Hundred Monkeys conducted a super-interesting study relating to trademarks and name length.

They conducted preliminary trademark screening on the names they shared with clients, and kept track of the results. According to their analysis, 76% of two- and three-word names passed their screening, while 45% of one-word names passed.

If you want to increase the odds of finding a trademarkable name, consider a two- or three-word combination. It worked for Facebook, Dropbox, and YouTube, so it can certainly work for you too!

On top of that, almost all available .COM domain names now have 2+ words. While it's interesting that names like "" and "" are available, I can promise that you won't want to build a brand off of these names. Picking a 2+ word name means that you're better off for both domain names and trademarks.

Need advice on trademarks specific to your budget and situation? Check out tip #5 on our business name generator page!

Domain Name Generator FAQs

1) Is Your Domain Name Generator Free?

Our domain name generator tool is 100% free to use. To get started, simply enter a keyword into the search box at the top of the page. We'll create a massive list of name ideas for you, and check each one for domain name availability.

2) How Do I Create a Catchy Domain Name?

The best domain names are simple, memorable, and relevant to your business idea. They should also fit the personality you want to convey with your brand. Using some of the best domain name generators can be an immense help in creating catchy domain names.

3) Do I Need an Exact-Match .COM Domain Name?

Getting the exact-match .COM domain name is extremely useful, but it isn't necessary. Businesses like Tesla (at and Box (at have done extremely well with slightly modified domain names. The most important thing is to pick a great business name, then find a good domain name to fit around it.

4) Can I Search Different Extensions Using Your Domain Name Generator?

Our generator will allow you to conduct your domain name search in extensions other than .COM. If you are interested in another popular domain extension like .NET,, or .xyz, our tool can help you find your perfect domain!

5) Can I Get a Free Domain Name?

Certain domain registrars offer free domain names when you purchase a web hosting plan. For example, our partner,, offers a free domain when you sign up for certain annual hosting plans. With introductory discounts, you can likely get a basic hosting plan + the domain for around $30-45/year.

Need Help Finding a Domain for a Specific Type of Business?

We created a bunch of generator pages, just like this one, with advice on naming specific types of businesses. We have a startup name generator, app name generator, blog name generator, and many more.

These pages can give you even more advice in finding an original domain name for your specific industry! And like our domain name generator, the generators on these pages will check for domain name availability with every search.

To browse our full list of name generators, click here.


Finding a good domain name is an important part of starting any business. Hopefully now, you can see that the process doesn't have to be stressful, or cost thousands of dollars!

To get started, enter a keyword into the search box above. Select your domain extension (or leave it set to .COM). After that, you'll start seeing incredible unregistered domain name ideas in a few seconds!