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Looking for unique and creative name ideas? Simply enter a keyword, and you'll instantly receive a list of memorable names designed to resonate with your audience.

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Ready to save weeks or months on name brainstorming? Our name generator will save you valuable time by delivering the best name ideas for your keyword in seconds!

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Struggling to find a name with a matching available domain? Every name you'll see is pre-screened for domain availability, helping you create a strong online presence on a budget.

How to Use Our Product Name Generator

If you want help naming your new product idea, you're in the right place! Using a product name generator is a great way to find brainstorming inspiration to help you launch your product.

Nowadays, most markets are saturated with product options. For example, Amazon has over 12 million listings in its catalog.

You may have an amazing product idea. But without a catchy brand name, you're fighting an uphill battle to get your product noticed in the first place. Even if your product gets noticed, you'll end up losing out on sales for your business.

When you find an amazing name, your product idea is ahead of the curve. If you have a great product name, you'll gain instant credibility and trust. And if your product delivers after that, you're in business! You'll have a massive leg up on your competitors. The right name will be an enormous brand asset and drive sales for years to come.

As you can imagine, finding the best name is both incredibly important and incredibly difficult. When big brands want to name their new product ideas, they outsource the process to naming agencies. Naming agencies aren't cheap. According to TechCrunch, they typically cost between $15,000 and $75,000!

You probably don't have $15,000 to spend on your name, and that's where our product name generator comes in. Enter a keyword in the box above, and we will generate creative name ideas for you in seconds!

Remember to Pick a Great Business Name!

Your product name goes hand-in-hand with your business name. Your business name doesn't have to be perfect, but a poor business name will reflect badly on your product.

Interested in a business name? Check out our business name generator page by clicking here!

Our business name generator searches for available .COM domain names. If you don't need the exact-match .COM domain name, you can create pure business names or use an alternate domain name extension like .NET.

We also offer several premium naming options!  For less than $100, our premium products will help you do all of this and more:

  • Find premium unregistered .COM domain names (which would be valued at over $2,000 on premium domain sites)
  • Reverse engineer premium domain names
  • Pick the right base words for your name search
  • Avoid picking a name with trademark issues, which could save you thousands of dollars in lawsuits
  • Steer clear of serious negative associations in your name
  • Avoid critical domain naming and startup naming mistakes
  • Score your names, so you can choose the best one with confidence

You can learn more about our agency-level naming experience by clicking over to NameBounce+ , our premium naming platform!

5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Product Name

No matter what your product idea is, it’s essential to choose a fantastic name that resonates with your target customers. A great product name will propel your product and your business to new heights.

In this section, we wanted to outline five critical tips that are specific to choosing a fantastic product name.

For more detail, check out our How to Name Your Business blog post. It’s a 10-tip guide that goes along perfectly with these product naming tips!

Tip #1: Keep it Simple

In general, customers love simple and straightforward products and businesses. Think about Google. Their search engine is incredibly easy to use; you type in your search query, and Google sends you search results.

It's free, easy, and takes no time. Which is one of the reasons why Google is a trillion-dollar company.

Choosing a name that is both simple and engaging will work wonders. Don't overthink it. Make sure your name is short, hints at what your product does, and showcases the personality of your brand.

Tip #2: Evaluate Your Competition

Evaluating your competition is particularly important for products. Nowadays, customers rarely make product purchasing decisions in a vacuum. In addition to checking reviews, they will often compare your products on Amazon or on Google.

To evaluate your competition, think about the brand image your biggest competitors created for their products. Are their products meant to be fun and fast? Innovative and scientific? Highly credible and modern?

In most cases, it's better to project a different brand image than your competition. When you do that, you'll be able to differentiate your brand within your industry.

Tip #3: Look into "Coined" Names

Name coining is one of the most popular product naming techniques used by big brands. The first step is to pick a single word for the coined name. Next, you can (optionally) remove the ending from the word. Finally, you can apply a new ending.

One of the best product names of all time, Kleenex, uses this technique. They added the generic ending "ex" to the end of Clean. Then, they misspelled the name to further differentiate it.

Word coining can create authoritative brand and product names. People buy from businesses that they know, like, and trust. An authoritative coined name provides an instant trust boost.

Tip #4: Trademark Checks are Incredibly Important

Product names are even trickier than company names from a trademark availability perspective.

Many products use short, single-word dictionary names. Think of cars like the Ford Fusion, the Nissan Leaf, or the Honda Pilot.

Completing a full trademark search on a product name is essential. If you want to use the name "Pilot" for your product, you'll have to make sure it isn't "confusingly similar" to a registered trademark.

With single-word names, there are a TON of registered trademarks. The word "pilot" refers to the brand names for the Honda Pilot, Pilot pens, and even a bookkeeping company.

If you want to increase your clearance odds, consider a two-word product name. Two-word names are more likely to be available as a trademark. You might even be able to find an available .COM domain name, which is a nice bonus.

Examples of brands using two-word product names include Lenovo's ThinkPad, Duracell, and Play-Doh.

Tip #5: Design a Creative Logo For Your Product or Brand

Your brand is more than your name. Even the best name of all time can fall flat without a unique logo to accompany it.

Many products don't need a specific logo. But in most cases, your brand's logo will show up on the product itself.

Logo design is a specialized skill, so I don't recommend trying to learn it on your own. Instead, I recommend using a professional designer. You can hire a professional designer on Upwork, or use an online logo crowdsourcing service like Crowdspring.


Between this guide, our product name generator, and our premium naming platform, you have everything you need to create an amazing product name. Enter a word into our product name generator to get started, and see what you can create!

If you want more free advice, check out our list of name generator pages. You might find a page for a business related to your product, and you can incorporate that advice into your name!