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Creative Name Ideas

Looking for unique and creative name ideas? Simply enter a keyword, and you'll instantly receive a list of memorable names designed to resonate with your audience.

Time Savings

Ready to save weeks or months on name brainstorming? Our name generator will save you valuable time by delivering the best name ideas for your keyword in seconds!

Domain Availability

Struggling to find a name with a matching available domain? Every name you'll see is pre-screened for domain availability, helping you create a strong online presence on a budget.

Set Your Business Up for Success With a Memorable Brand Name

Finding an awesome name for your business doesn't have to be challenging. In fact, the process can be stress-free, fun, and end with an incredible name! Even if you have a name idea in mind, it's a great idea to use our free business name generator before you make your decision.

Whether you know it now or not, picking the right name is a big factor in your business success.

Your brand name will have a massive influence on your target audience. It will set the tone for your business and what your customers can expect from you.

You might think that any name will work. And certainly, companies have succeeded with bad names. But if you choose a bad name, you'll be fighting a massive uphill battle to make your business successful.

A bad name will lead to poor brand awareness, customer confusion, a lack of credibility, and so many other problems.

The consequence of all of these items is a loss of customers, viewers, or subscribers, which ultimately leads to you losing money. And nobody wants to lose money!

How Much Big Brands Spend to Find The Perfect Business Name

Big brands and venture-backed startups NEED to find memorable names.

At the very least, choosing the wrong name will cost them sales. In the worst-case scenario, picking a particularly cringe-worthy name will cause their company to be lampooned in articles like these.

Despite these branding fails, big companies have huge advantages in finding their names. That advantage is pretty obvious - money! As a result, naming agencies have popped up to meet this corporate demand.

Naming agencies are responsible for many of the products you know and love today. For example, the agency Tanj named the Nintendo Wii. While the Wii name divided critics, it resulted in months of free publicity, catapulting Nintendo back to the top of the gaming console marketplace.

The cost of hiring a naming agency will shock you. According to TechCrunch, corporate naming agencies charge their clients between $15,000 and $75,000 to create names for them.

That's way outside of the budget of 99% of business owners. And that's where our free business name generator comes in.

Creating Agency-Quality Names With Our Free Business Name Generator

Believe it or not, you don't need to spend anywhere near $15,000 to get agency-quality name ideas.

At the end of the day, business names consist of a few words at the most. And finding those elusive words is easy - if you have the right tools and resources.

Using a free business name generator, company name generator, or brand name generator is the absolute best way to find catchy business name ideas. And you can get started with our crazy-effective tool in just a few clicks.

To get your new ideas flowing, simply enter a single word into the search bar above. In a few seconds, you'll have an enormous list of unique business name ideas.

Our business name generator does more than just generate pure business names. It also checks each name idea for domain name availability.

Many of the domain names that you'll find would list for over $2,000 on domain resale sites. There's nothing like starting off a rebrand or a new business idea with a brand asset worth $2,000 or more.

Your brand will only grow in value over time, so securing a great domain name at the start is essential.

The Key to Using Our Business Name Generator: Word Sparks

The secret to getting memorable name ideas from our business name generator is picking the right input keywords. We call these keywords "Word Sparks."

Word Sparks don't necessarily have to be obvious. For example, a cleaning business isn't solely limited to "Cleaning" or "Clean" in its name. Here are three categories of Word Sparks to use in your name:

Word Spark Type #1: Descriptive Word Sparks

When you think of descriptive Word Sparks, think "obvious." Descriptive Word Sparks will make what your company does obvious to clients.

For example, nobody would expect a business called "Fresh Home Cleaning" to be anything but a cleaning company, right?

One advantage of descriptive Word Sparks is that they immediately communicate what you do. As a result, they're perfect if your company wants to reach its target market as fast as possible.

The disadvantage of a descriptive Word Spark is flexibility. Once you've chosen a descriptive Word Spark, you're typically stuck with your original business idea. It's hard to change the company's focus without a total rebrand.

Before you choose a descriptive company name, it's essential to think about your future business plans.

Companies like Amazon and Apple might have gone nowhere if they had focused too narrowly, instead of imagining what they could be.

Word Spark Type #2: "Hinting" Word Sparks

"Hinting" Word Sparks do exactly that; hint at what your business does.

A hinting Word Spark combines the best parts of descriptive and brandable Word Sparks. They're flexible for future expansion, and they provide a clear hint about what your business does.

Keeping with our cleaning example, let's use the name "Gleamtree" (which we found through NameBounce).

Gleamtree doesn't explicitly mention "cleaning," but it's an obvious fit with a cleaning business. And if Gleamtree's future founders wanted to launch a line of cleaning products on Amazon, their name would still fit.

Word Spark Type #3: Brandable Word Sparks

As you would expect, a "brandable" Word Spark is the opposite of a descriptive Word Spark.

A brandable Word Spark doesn't describe what your business does. But if you choose one, it will be incredibly flexible for future expansion. This can be a huge advantage for startups or any other business where the business model could evolve over time.

Amazon is a great example of a company utilizing a brandable business name. Their name fits everything from groceries (Amazon Fresh) to web servers (Amazon Web Services) to TV products (Amazon Studios). Their name fits no matter what industry they expand into.

The best part is that Amazon has an incredible amount of brand equity in the eyes of its audience. So when they put their name on a new product, it gets an instant credibility boost.

The biggest disadvantage of a brandable company name is that it's less specific. You'll have to spend more money to market your name and establish what you do in the mind of your target customer.

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5 Critical Tips to Help You Choose the Right Business Name

As I mentioned earlier, some big brands spend $15,000 to $75,000 on their business names.

Even if you're running a small business, this underscores the importance of choosing the right name the first time!

A brand name generator helps you generate names in seconds. But you still have the task of picking the best business name idea from a big list of options.

The 5 tips below will help you choose the right name, so you can start the exciting process of building your own business!

Tip #1: Consider Domain Availability, But Don't Make it the Sole Factor in Your Decision

Your domain name is important, and it should be a big factor in your name decision.

But there's a reason I said consider domain availability, not solely rely on domain availability.

So many businesses (especially startups) choose a bad name solely because a .COM domain was available. While it's preferable to have your exact .COM, a slightly modified name can still work wonders for your business.

Ever heard of Tesla? They were once at Dropbox? They originally launched at Peloton? They are STILL at!

All of these brands created catchy business names, then found a domain name to fit around it. They stayed true to their brand identity and picked powerful business names that resonated in their industry. And their valuations exploded because of it.

If you head over to our domain name generator, you can select an alternate domain extension to use in your name ideas. You can either use that extension or add a modifier to get a .COM.

Tip #2: Consider Your Brand Values in Your Business Name

When you’re choosing a new business name, it’s essential to pick a name that reflects your brand personality.

Let’s say you’re naming a photography business in a big city. There are likely dozens of other photographers in the same area. How do you stand out?

Of course, you can stand out with your services. For example, you might specialize in family portraits, weddings, or corporate headshots. In addition, you could offer innovative pricing packages.

Another way to stand out is by choosing a unique business name that communicates your company's brand personality.

Just like humans, the best brands have personalities. Your brand could be fun (like NameBounce), trustworthy (like Bank of America), or funny (like Geico).

It’s essential to communicate your brand and differentiate yourself in the marketplace. By choosing a great business name that fits with your brand identity, your business will stand out!

Tip #3: Ask Yourself How You'll Find Customers

When you're picking a business name, it's important to consider how your target audience will find you. This task is particularly important for new businesses and requires a healthy amount of research.

Maybe you're launching an online business, and most of your customers will come from search engines. (Ask yourself: what other brands stand out in the search results for your target keywords? Will people want to go to my website after seeing my name?)

Maybe you're launching a marketing agency, where you'll get leads from referrals and directories like Clutch. (Ask yourself: how do I want to position my name and services in the marketplace?)

Maybe you're creating a physical product, where your customers will find you on Amazon or in retail stores. (Ask yourself: how will my name idea look on the product packaging? Will it stand out on shelves?)

No matter what your case is, it's important to consider how you'll find customers when choosing your name.

Tip #4: Create a Big List of Name Ideas

All of the big naming agencies follow a similar process. They create a massive list of business name ideas. Then, they whittle down that list and present the best brand names to their clients.

If it works for them, why reinvent the wheel? Here's a great process to follow using our business name generator:

An Easy Process to Find Amazing Names Using NameBounce

  1. First, start by creating a list of relevant words to include in your name. Look at the examples below the search box, and on our industry-specific name generator pages, for inspiration. You can even try random words; you never know what might fit!
  2. Start plugging each word into our business name generator.
  3. Star your favorite brand names to create a brainstorming list on NameBounce. (Make sure you don't clear your browser cookies on NameBounce, or you'll lose the list.)

Using a Two-Word Search to Generate Even More Amazing Names

When you find a great name idea, you can use NameBounce's two-word search feature to generate more names like it.

Make sure to put a space between the two words; here's an example based on the name "Gleam Tree." Even though has been registered, you'll see interesting alternatives like "Gleam Forest," "Gleamleaf," and "Gleamfront."

Tip #5: Check Trademark Availability

If you use our business name generator to create a massive list of creative business names - congratulations! But before you get too excited about your name, it's important to check that your business name (or a similar variation) isn't already trademarked.

If you don't know what a trademark is, here's a condensed version of the USPTO's definition

- "Any word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies your goods or services." 

Why You DON'T Want to Infringe on Another Brand's Trademark

The keyword in our definition above is "legally." If you infringe on someone else's registered trademark, they could take legal action against you. Big brands are notorious for sending out cease-and-desist letters to potential trademark infringers.

If you're running a small business, you don't want to deal with legal fees for trademark disputes. And if that's the case, you would need to change your name.

If you change your brand name, you’d need a new domain name, business name, email address, business cards, and signs. You'd also have to amend any signed contracts, tell everyone about the name change, and do a ton of other annoying things.

Trademark searches are more complex than simply seeing if there's a trademark with your exact name. There's an entire industry built around trademark checks. Because of this, I recommend getting a professional trademark search from a licensed trademark attorney.

Where to Get a Professional Trademark Search

For a full trademark search, we recommend using Squadhelp's Trademark Research Service. We used their service in the past and loved it.

You can get a trademark search on three names, along with an attorney review, for $219.  If you want to increase that to 5 names, it would likely be in the ~$300 range.

If you want to save some money, try completing a direct-hit trademark search on Trademarkia or with the USPTO. That way, you can eliminate any obvious infringements before you spend the money on formal research.

What to Do If You Can't Afford a Trademark Search

For some businesses, $219 for the research and attorney consultation could double the startup budget.

I cannot recommend choosing any brand name before a thorough trademark search. But if cash is truly tight, you can try the following:

  1. Pick a two- or three-word name, which has a much higher chance of passing a trademark search.
  2. Pick a name where no exact-match domains are in use. (It's OK if the domains are "for sale;" just don't pick a name if there's an active website on the domain. I recommend using Instant Domain Search's Domain Extensions tool to check this.
  3. Keep your business simple. Get a basic website, an affordable logo, and a custom business email address. I recommend Tailor Brands if you want to get website hosting and your logo in one shot. Using the code "NameBounce" will give you a 30% discount on one of their plans, and you'll get free logo ideas from their logo maker.

As a side note, if you’re in the United States, there’s a way to protect your name without a formal trademark registration. That way is through the use of the “TM” or “SM” symbol.

Unlike the ® symbol, using TM or SM has limited legal significance. But these symbols are helpful as a credibility indicator for customers. And they will discourage other people from using your brand name.


1) Is Your Business Name Generator Free?

Our business name generator is 100% free. To get started, simply enter a keyword into the box above. Then, we will create a big list of relevant names. If you're interested in a domain name, our tool will check availability with every search.

2) How do I Choose a Good Business Name?

The best business names are short, relevant, flexible, and memorable. They also showcase your brand personality and help you stand out from your competition. Your name doesn't need to be perfect, but following these guidelines will ensure that your name is ready to showcase to your customers.

3) Why Should I Use a Business Name Generator?

Business name generators are awesome at creating enormous lists of relevant business name ideas. When you have a huge selection of naming options, finding the right name becomes so much easier.

4) Should I Include Specific Keywords in My Name?

Using a specific, descriptive keyword in your name will instantly communicate what your business does to customers. But you can also base your name on a "brandable" keyword. Companies like Amazon, Zoom, and Target have been incredibly successful with brandable names.

Need Help Naming a Specific Type of Business?

We created a bunch of name generator pages, just like this one, with advice on naming specific types of businesses. We have a domain name generator, app name generator, blog name generator, and many more.

If you're in a specific industry, these pages can give you even more advice in finding a great brand name! To browse our full list of name generators, click here.


Finding the right name for your business can be a daunting task. But with the help of our business name generator, you can find catchy names in seconds. And with the tips above, you'll have a much easier time making your final choice.

There's no time like the present! Enter a keyword in the box above and find your amazing brand name today!