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How to Use Our Business Name Generator

Finding a business name with a manual brainstorming process can be stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating. It took Warby Parker six months to finalize their choice! Because of this, using a business name generator like NameBounce has become more common for new business owners.

It’s essential to find the right name to serve as the foundation for your business. However, a manual business name brainstorming process takes a long time. And when you pick a name, you might not be sure it's the right one. With a business name generator, you'll find some creative business name ideas that you wouldn't discover otherwise.

By using NameBounce, you can generate thousands of unique business name ideas in a few seconds. The easiest way to get started is to enter one keyword that you want in your name. With our one-word search, we will apply prefixes and suffixes to generate business name ideas.

After you reach the search results page, try using the filters on the left side. You can filter by keyword, length, and syllable count.

We focus on generating business name ideas that have the matching domain name available. Once you find your business name, you can reserve it instantly and start building your website!

Finding business name ideas has never been easier!

10 Tips to Choose a Great Business Name

If you follow our ten tips listed below, you’ll be able to find a great name for your new business! For more detail, check out our How to Name Your Business blog post, which expands on each tip.

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We're confident that it's by far the best name generator on the market. Using it, you'll find names that would legitimately be worth $2,000+ on resale sites. We also included several bonuses, including a naming mini-course. Click here to see exactly what you'll get!

Tip #1: Don’t Pick a Bad Business Name to Get a Domain Name

When you’re naming a new business, one of the most important things you can do is to pick a business name that you love. Having a great name that you feel proud of will give you confidence in what you are selling.

You don't want to compromise on your business name to get a domain name. One great way to find a domain name is to modify or tweak your desired business name. Tesla did this with Of course, an exact-match domain name works just as well!

Tip #2: Don’t Sleep on Alternative Domain Extensions

We believe that alternative domain extensions will become more and more popular over time. Some of the most popular alternative domain extensions include .net, .org, and country-code extensions like and .in.

If you want to search domain extensions right off the bat, check out our Domain Name Generator! If you search using our Business Name Generator, you can select the domain extension on the results page.

Tip #3: Pick a Name That Will Fit Your Future Growth

You don't want to pick a name that will outgrow your services. To choose a flexible name, you'll need a pure brandable name (like Amazon) or a hybrid name that hints at what you do (like DoorDash).

Name flexibility is essential if you think your business model will evolve. For example, DoorDash's name fits any delivery service. But GrubHub's name limits its delivery business to food only. They could add more services, but it wouldn't make sense.

Descriptive names can work fine too! Sometimes it's better to niche down. For example, Dropbox exactly describes what the company does. Customers need less added context to understand the service. But if you pick one, it helps to be confident that your services will fit the name.

Tip #4: Showcase Your Brand Personality in Your Business Name

Just like humans, the best brands have personalities. Your brand could be fun (like NameBounce), trustworthy (like Bank of America), or funny (like Geico). Or a combination of multiple personality traits!

It’s essential to communicate your brand and differentiate yourself in the marketplace. By having a name that fits with your brand personality, your business will stand out!

Tip #5: Be Concise

Quick, which word is easier to remember and say out loud? Apple or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

If you pick a short, easy-to-pronounce name, your customers will have a much easier time remembering it. And it is much more likely to grab their attention.

Of course, longer names can work great too. But in general, shorter is better. I generally recommend trying to keep your name under 15 total letters.

Tip #6: Make Sure Your Business Name is Easy to Spell and Pronounce

If you pick a name that's easy to spell and say out loud, you're in business. People will be much more likely to 1) write about and 2) talk about your business.

The spelling doesn't have to be COMPLETELY intuitive. For example, someone could spell Celevolt (on our name generator sales page) as "Celavolt." But if I had to spell it to someone, I would say "C-e-l-e-volt." Easy enough. Almost every name will need to be spelled out sometimes.

But if your name is long AND challenging to spell (like Profilactic), forget about it.

Tip #7: Make a Brainstorming List

If you try to keep 50 different name ideas in your head, you’ll use up your creative energy trying to remember the names! Using NameBounce, we make it easy to save a brainstorming list. Click the star next to a name, and we’ll add it to the favorites list on the right side of the page.

Tip #8: Understand Your Business Before You Start Brainstorming

If you were to hire a corporate naming agency, they would ask you to fill out a naming brief.

A naming brief is a short document that helps you understand your business, customers, and naming goals.

Your naming brief doesn't have to be fancy or extensive. Our Naming Made Easy course contains a 12-question naming brief.

You don't want to bog yourself down by answering 50 questions. Instead, focus on developing a high-level understanding of your business. You want to pick a name that fits your future with the business and resonates with your target customer.

Tip #9: Check Trademark Availability

When you’re starting a new business, the last thing you want is to get into an expensive trademark dispute. Make sure that you run a thorough trademark search before you finalize any name. Check out the full blog post for more detail!

Tip #10: Give the Process Time, but Get the Domain Name ASAP

You don’t want to rush your naming process, but it’s important to remember there are over 370 million registered domain names. Anyone else can register your preferred domain name at any time. If you find a domain name with real potential, try to register it as soon as possible.

Business Name Generator FAQ

What's the value of a business name generator?

Business name generators can help you find new business names that you might not discover with a manual brainstorming process. They work by using algorithms to create and rank a list of business name ideas. Many business name generators check for domain name availability with each search.

Should my business name match my domain name?

It's helpful to have your business name match your domain name, but it's not necessary. You can use a modifier like Tesla did with, or use an alternative domain extension like .net or

Which domain extensions are suitable for my business?

The most popular domain extension is .com, and there are still many solid .com domains available. However, alternative domain extensions are starting to become more popular. Some great alternative domain extensions include .net, .org, and country-code extensions like and .in.

How do I protect my business name?

The best way to protect your business name is to file a trademark. There are many benefits from filing a trademark, including protection against someone taking your business name. You can also register multiple domain names with different extensions, making it harder for someone to use your business name.

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