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Generate Domain Names for Any Type of Business Idea

When you're naming a new business or startup, finding a domain name that matches (or is at least close to) your business name is essential.

Whether you came here searching for a domain name generator, app name generator, website name generator, or something else, NameBounce can help you.

Domain Name Generator

We know how it feels to think of a creative business or startup name, and then discover that the matching domain name isn’t available.

By using NameBounce, you won't have that issue. You can use NameBounce to generate a list of unique business name suggestions. On top of that, you'll be able to reserve the matching domain name instantly!

Getting a list of domain name ideas has never been easier!

App Name Generator

If you're creating a mobile app, it's important to make it easy for people to find your app on the web.

Using NameBounce, you can generate a catchy name for your app and find an online home for it. With a website, you can create landing pages to help people find and download your app, get your users on your email list, and more.

Website Name Generator

If you're ready to start your business and create a new website, NameBounce can help you.

You can check to make sure that the domain name you want is available, and then immediately start building your website. You can have your website set up in as little as an hour!

Build a WordPress Website in as Little as an Hour!

After you click on a domain name, we’ll forward you to the hosting company SiteGround to start building your website.

Making a website is a big step, and building one can be intimidating. To make the process easier for you, we created a step-by-step beginner's guide on how to build a WordPress website using SiteGround's WordPress Starter tool.

WordPress is the most popular website management platform in the world. Within our guide, we also show you how to use Elementor, a WordPress tool that allows you to use drag-and-drop features to build pages.

With Elementor, you can build pages just as easily as you can with a website builder like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, while having access to the powerful WordPress platform.

SiteGround had a 98% customer satisfaction rating in 2018 and is one of only three web hosts officially recommended by WordPress. They have fantastic customer support, and you’ll love having real-time access to their team as you build your website!

Take action and get your business online today!

Access the Guide Here

Search The Most Popular Domain Extensions

Did you know that .com domain extensions only represent 40% of all registered domain names? Within the remaining 60%, there are a lot of great options!

Using NameBounce, you can generate domain name ideas with these alternative domain extensions for free. Just select your extension to the left of the “Go!” button!

Other Popular Domain Extensions (gTLDs)

We expect other popular domain extensions, like .net and .org, to increase in popularity over time. Searching for domain names with these extensions will give you even more business name ideas.

Country Code Domain Extensions (ccTLDs)

If you’re planning to do business in a specific country, it can be a great idea to choose a country code domain extension.

NameBounce is one of the few free business name generators that allows you to search for country code domain extensions. Some of our most popular country code domain extensions include, .in, and .nl.

New Domain Extensions (ngTLDs)

In recent years, domain registries have been introducing new domain extensions. These new domain extensions are generally specific to interests and industries. Some popular examples include .blog, .shop, and .xyz.

If you can get your desired business name with one of the new domain extensions, it could be an excellent fit for your business! Just scroll towards the bottom of the extension selector box, and you can select one of the new domain extensions for your search.

We are planning to add even more domain extensions over time, so make sure to check back in!

Filter Your Domain Name Ideas

After you search, try filtering the domain name ideas that we generate. You’ll be able to narrow down your options instantly, making it easier to find your business name and register the matching domain name.

Once the domain name suggestions appear, take a look at the left side of the page. With one click, you can apply a filter based on the search terms that you enter.

You can also use NameBounce to find short, low-syllable business names. Just enter a number in either box, and NameBounce will automatically remove names that are too long or have too many syllables. Easy!

Save Domain Names to your Favorites List

It’s hard to keep track of all of the domain names that you like. Because of this, we made it easy to compile a brainstorming list using NameBounce!

When the domain name suggestions appear, click the star next to a name to add it to your favorites list. They’re saved locally on your browser, so make sure that you save them elsewhere if you are planning to clear your cookies.

Business Name Generator FAQ

Here are answers to some of the common questions that we get. For more, check out our FAQ page!

How do I choose a good business name?

The most important thing is to pick a name that showcases your brand values and personality. It's also important to keep it short, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce over the phone. A unique name like Google can be a great asset for your brand.

What's the value of a business name generator?

Business name generators can help you find new business names that you might have not have discovered with a manual brainstorming process. They work by using algorithms to create and rank a list of business name ideas. Many business name generators check for domain name availability with each search.

Should my business name match my domain name?

It's a good idea to have your brand name match your domain name, but it's not necessary. You can use a modifier like Tesla did with, or use an alternative domain extension like .net or

Which domain extensions are good for my business?

The most popular domain extension is .com, and there are still many .com domains available. However, alternative domain extensions are starting to become more popular. Some great alternative domain extensions include .net, .org, and country code extensions like and .in.

How do I protect my business name?

The best way to protect your business name is to file a trademark. There are many benefits from filing a trademark, including protection against someone infringing on your brand name. You can also register multiple domain names with different extensions, as that will make it harder for someone to use your business name.

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