Someone registered a name that I was searching for on NameBounce. What happened?

Domain names are unique, one-of-a-kind assets that are in high demand worldwide. On average, there are 18 million domain names registered each year (almost 50,000 per day). In total, there are more registered domain names than there are people in the United States!

Great domain names become harder and harder to find by the day. Please keep in mind that many people are searching, and someone may think of the same domain name idea. If you see a domain name you like, it’s a good idea to secure it as soon as you can.

We don’t front-run and won’t work with anyone who does this. Front-running is a form of stealing. It's morally wrong to profit by stealing someone else's hard work.

And from a practical perspective, a domain registrar got caught front-running in 2008. They had to pay a significant settlement in a class-action lawsuit. It is bad business sense in every way, and simply not the right thing to do.

What was your thought process behind the NameBounce name?

Good question! These were the main factors:

  • The name perfectly describes our tools and services. We designed our name generator to "bounce" hundreds of business name ideas at you.
  • NameBounce is easy to spell and pronounce. It also utilizes several unique naming techniques.
  • The .com domain name was unregistered. For my business, it was necessary to show users that finding a strong unregistered .com domain is possible.
  • We wanted our brand personality to be fun, fast, and simple. The word "bounce" covers the fun and fast parts, and combining two easy words (NameBounce) communicates the simple part.
  • We wanted to develop a niche, naming-specific product.
  • We noticed that most of the top business name generators in Google search had "name," "brand," or "domain," in their name.

What is the best way to use NameBounce?

There are two main search options. I call them untargeted (one-word) and targeted (two-word) searches.

Untargeted one-word searches are the best way to start. If you enter one word, we'll add a generic list of popular words to return new domain name ideas. For example, if you wanted to start a bakery and searched "bakery," you'd get names like "BakeryTV" and "SpiceBakery." 

Targeted two-word searches allow you to narrow your results. Let's use the search "delicious bakery" as an example. In the results, we'll substitute new related words for either "delicious" or "bakery" in each name. 

The substituted words are related to the original keywords. For example, you'll see names like "TasteBakery" and "DeliciousCafe," which are much more relevant to a bakery.

NOTE: We are currently revamping the targeted search algorithm and plan to add it back in a big way soon! For now, all the names generated will be with the "untargeted" option.

My favorites list disappeared. Why did this happen?

We store the domain names on your favorites list in a cookie within your browser. If you delete your browser's cookies, you will delete your favorites list.

If you are planning to clear your cookies, we recommend pasting your favorite domain names into a separate document ahead of time.

NameBounce showed me a domain name idea that wasn't available. Why?

We use a more streamlined domain search technique to return name results quickly. As a result, you will occasionally see some false positives.

Unfortunately, if we did a final check on every domain name we generated, the site would run at a glacial pace. On top of that, the domain registries would ban our servers.

More of this will likely occur with country code domain extensions like .in. In many countries, domain registries don't give the public access to official lists of registered domains.

As we grow, we hope to find a solution that will eliminate this problem in the future! For now, click on the name to confirm availability with our partner domain registrar.

How do I clear a name from my favorites?

To remove a name from your favorites, click the star next to the name in your favorites list.

How do I choose a memorable business name?

If you need help choosing the right name, check out our free name generator and our How to Name Your Business post. 

We also created several guides on how to name different types of businesses. These include blogs, restaurants, photography studios, and more.

Do you have any discount codes or links to other domain registrars?

Yes!  Just click a link to be forwarded to the domain search page for your preferred registrar.  We are planning to add the ability to click to your registrar directly from the search results in the future.

GoDaddy: Get a .COM for $4.99 for the first year (coupon embedded)



I have a partnership opportunity for you. How can I get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email us at INFO at NAMEBOUNCE dot COM.