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Get Hundreds of Restaurant or Café Name Ideas in Seconds

Around the world, chain restaurants are struggling, but consumer spending on dining out is increasing. This statistic means that a higher percentage of their money is going to independent restaurants and small chains. With the rise of Yelp, OpenTable, and other platforms that help level the playing field with the major chains, it’s a great time to get started with your new restaurant, café, or food truck.

Of course, the best way to stand out is to create amazing dishes and provide an excellent experience for your guests. However, by finding NameBounce, you already recognize the importance of another crucial task – finding a great name.

Finding the perfect name can seem like an obsession, and a slow, manual brainstorming process makes it even more challenging to find the ideal name. Now, with NameBounce, you can generate hundreds of restaurant name ideas in a few seconds. By spending 10 minutes using our tool, you’ll think of some name ideas that you would never have thought of in a manual brainstorming process.

On top of that, we only show restaurant names that have the matching domain name in an extension you want available. Once you see it, you can reserve it instantly and create your restaurant’s website in a flash!

Ready to get started? Just enter one or two keywords above, select your preferred domain extension, and you’ll see hundreds of name ideas for your restaurant, café, or food truck!

Get Your Restaurant’s Website Live in As Little As One Hour!

After you find a fantastic name for your new restaurant, you’ll be able to reserve it with the website hosting company SiteGround. At SiteGround, you’ll be able to build your website and bring your restaurant, café, or food truck to life online!

I know it sounds intimidating, but building a restaurant website isn’t as difficult as you might think. To make the process easy for you, we created a step-by-step guide on how to build a WordPress website using SiteGround's WordPress Starter tool.

WordPress is the most popular system for managing websites in the world. It’s packed with features and add-ons that will make it easy to create your site, market your new restaurant, and manage any future updates that you need to make.

Within the WordPress Starter tool, there are five pre-made layouts (called “themes”) designed specifically for restaurants. These include a coffee shop, a local café, and a fine dining restaurant. Even if you can’t find the perfect theme using the WordPress starter tool, there are thousands of other WordPress restaurant themes across the internet on sites like ThemeForest.

Between kitchen supplies and equipment, food service licenses, and rent, the cost of starting a new restaurant or café is high. Fortunately, having a website is going to be cheap compared to any walk-in fridges that you are considering! With SiteGround, plans start at an introductory price of just $3.95/month. That’s likely less than the vast majority of your menu items!

Every restaurant is different, and you don’t have to worry about being locked into a pre-made theme that you can’t customize. Within our guide, we show you how to use Elementor, a WordPress tool that helps you customize your theme with simple drag-and-drop features.

Ready to get started? Building your website will be easier than you think. Take the next step and bring your restaurant, café, or food truck to life today!

Access the Guide Here

How to Choose a Great Restaurant, Café, or Food Truck Name – 5 Essential Tips

In this section, we outlined five must-follow tips that are specific to finding a great name for a restaurant, café, food truck, or another type of foodservice business. For more detail, check out our How to Name Your Business blog post. The blog post has essential tips that every new business should follow (including a restaurant). The guide is over 2,000 words and goes along perfectly with these restaurant-specific naming tips!

Tip #1: Help Them Understand Your Cuisine and Concept

National restaurant chains can use a name that doesn’t hint at what their food is, like McDonald’s or Ruth’s Chris. You know that McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant, and Ruth’s Chris is a steakhouse, but you wouldn’t be able to tell what food they served without the massive investments these brands have made in marketing.

Since you’re likely not starting with an advertising budget anywhere near McDonald’s, your restaurant or café name should communicate as much as you can about what your restaurant has to offer.

One great way to communicate your cuisine and concept is via visual imagery. Using NameBounce, you can enter a visual keyword before a word like café, restaurant, grill, or kitchen, and NameBounce will show you name ideas associated with the first word.

For example, I ran a few searches on NameBounce using the method above to try and find names for a casual café with a beachy theme. A few visual options the generator came up with (all with available .com domains) include Shoal Café, Seaway Café, and Treasure Grill (which would go well with a pirate theme!).

Tip #2: Consider Your Colors and Branding

Picking brand colors that go along with your name is crucial. Fast food brands have notoriously used colors like red, orange, and yellow to influence customers for years.

If you combine an inviting color scheme with your brand name, you can create an influential visual association for any prospective customer. In the casual, beachy café example above, you can see how colors like these would add to the visual brand imagery.

It’s helpful to consider what your restaurant or café would look like on the inside, and visualize your name, colors, interior décor, and marketing materials all at once. By looking at naming and branding as part of the same process, you’ll be more likely to create a holistic visual brand.

Tip #3: Consider Using Your Location In Your Name, But Don’t Restrict Yourself

There’s a definite balance between communicating your restaurant’s location in your name and being too restrictive.

Imagine that you open a café called “Main Street Café.” If your café is located on Main Street in your city, having this name could keep you top-of-mind when a customer is driving down Main Street looking for food.

However, what happens if you expand to a different city, and there are no vacancies available on Main Street? Or, if you don’t renew your lease and have to move to a different street? In both of those scenarios, you’ll likely have to rebrand.

Depending on your business plan, using your location in your restaurant or café name can be beneficial, but make sure that you give some thought as to your future plans.

Tip #4: Be Original

If you want your new restaurant to compete against established restaurants with hundreds or thousands of OpenTable reviews, it’s essential to pick a name that is original compared to your competitors. Choosing a unique name will help your customers take notice of your restaurant on review sites, try it out themselves, and help you get more of your own reviews!

You will also want to steer clear of names that are similar to famous restaurant brands. Not only would your customers see you as a knock-off of the famous brand, but you’d likely run into trademark issues. Even if you have a single restaurant in a small town, these big brands have trademark professionals continually looking to see if any businesses are infringing on their trademark rights.

One excellent test to see if your name is original is by checking if it is available in a popular domain extension, like .com, .net, or your country’s domain (like or .in). You should also consider a comprehensive trademark search. There’s more detail on trademarks in Tip #8 of our How to Name Your Business post.

Tip #5: Test Your Name With Your Audience

Testing your name with your target audience can be a great way to get feedback on whether your restaurant, café, or food truck name will stand out when you open.

One great way to do this is to show a list of restaurant name ideas in a randomized order. Then, you can ask your audience which one they’d want to eat at the most, and why. Alternatively, you can mix in your preferred name with the names of your biggest future competitors on Yelp. By doing this, you can get real-time feedback as to what potential customers value in a restaurant name.

If you do this, make sure that you only show names that offer a similar type of food. You wouldn’t want to skew your results by people just picking the kind of food they like best!

While asking friends and family can be a helpful way to get feedback, they may be less likely to think critically and may want to support you with all of your ideas. It’s even more helpful to get the opinion of your target audience. In the coming months, we’re planning to launch a platform that will help you get crowdsourced feedback on your gym or fitness business name ideas from your target customers.

In the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, you’ll be able to segment your audience by Region/State/Province, Age, and Gender. Choosing the right name is a challenging decision that you want to get right the first time, and this platform will let you bring potential customers into the mix and make the process easier.

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