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How to Use Our Photography Business Name Generator

Welcome to NameBounce! We're excited that you're taking steps to launch your photography business! Finding a name with our photography business name generator is a great way to get started.

Many photographers use their own names as their photography business name. And if you're launching a small, local photography business, using your own name can work great.

But you might be looking to expand your photography business in the future. Or, you may want a name that connects with your clients on a deeper level. If so, picking an amazing photography brand name is typically the best option.

When you find an amazing name, your photography business is ahead of the curve. Choosing the right name will lead to more website visitors, client inquires, and sales. It will maximize your advertising spend. Your customers will remember it, leading to more word-of-mouth referrals (which is key in photography). Long story short, an amazing name will help your photography business grow for years to come!

The right brand name is so valuable that some large brands pay thousands of dollars for naming agencies or premium domain names. While those can be great investments, they're too expensive for almost every new business owner.

And that's where NameBounce comes in! We created a powerful search algorithm that uncovers agency-level names with no effort on your part. To get started, enter a word that you want in your photography name, like "light," "shutter," or "flash." After that's done, we will generate creative name ideas for you (with available domains) in seconds!

Credit: Huseyin Bostanci via Canva

Find a Memorable Photography Business Name With NameBounce+

If you find the perfect name using our free photography business name generator, that's awesome! But if you want to make sure you're making the right decision, we have several premium naming products available.

Naming agencies and premium domain names are expensive. But we believe small business owners should have access to amazing names too. For less than $75, our premium products will help you do all of this and more:

  • Find premium unregistered .COM domain names (which would be valued at over $2,000 on premium domain sites)
  • Reverse engineer premium photography domain names
  • Pick the right base words for your photography name search
  • Avoid picking a photography name with trademark issues, which could save you thousands of dollars in lawsuits
  • Steer clear of serious negative associations in your photography name
  • Avoid critical naming mistakes
  • Score your names, so you can choose the best one with confidence

You can learn more about our agency-level naming experience by clicking over to NameBounce+, our premium naming platform!

5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Photography Name

In this section, we wanted to outline five critical tips that are specific to choosing a fantastic photography name.

For more detail, check out our How to Name Your Business blog post. It’s a 10-tip guide that goes along perfectly with these photography naming tips!

Tip #1: Showcase Your Creativity

Showcasing creativity is essential for any business relating to art, design, or photography. A boring, descriptive name like "NYC Portrait Photography" will make it much harder to showcase your creativity to clients.

To pick a creative name, use creative naming techniques! Alliteration, rhymes, and visual names can all accomplish this goal.

On top of picking a creative photography name, it's essential to have a creative logo and website. The best name of all time can fall flat without the right branding to accompany it.

You may have logo design knowledge. But there's no problem at all if you don't! I recommend using a professional logo designer. You can hire a professional designer on Upwork, or use an online logo crowdsourcing service like Crowdspring.

For your website, I recommend using WordPress. If you click on a name you find on NameBounce, you can get 25% off WordPress hosting with our partner, For the best results, pick a creative, photography-specific theme that utilizes the drag-and-drop page builder Elementor.

Tip #2: Capture Your Audience's Emotions

I couldn't resist the pun here! But it's incredibly important for your photography name and brand to make an emotional connection with your audience.

A children's photographer may want to pick a fun, rhyming name to connect with kids. A wedding photographer may want to incorporate nostalgia into their name. And a corporate headshot photographer will benefit from a professional and credible name.

When your name resonates with your audience's emotions , people will think that you'll connect with them too. And emotional connections are critical in such a people-driven business.

Credit: Skynesher via Canva

Tip #3: Know Your Niche and Future Plans

Many photographers start with a specific niche, before expanding into other niches or generalist photography.

For example, a wedding photographer may eventually shoot family portraits. Or a corporate headshot photographer may take on a bunch of real estate clients, and then expand into real estate photography.

Picking a niche name can be a huge asset when you're starting off. But it may not fit if your photography business expands in the future.

Always keep your future business model in mind. If you're unsure about your expansion plans, it's better to pick a flexible photography business name.

Tip #4: Pick a Unique Photography Business Name

According to IBISWorld, there are over 200,000 unique photography businesses in the United States alone.

As a result, it's easy to pick a name in use by another photography studio. Which can be a huge problem, especially if the business has a registered trademark.

On top of that, picking a photography name that's in use will make it harder for your customers to find you. A quick Google search for "Memory Lane Photography" returned dozens of results. And while a determined customer will find your business, a casual browser may lose interest.

Generally, it's fine if a non-competing business is using your name. The most commonly cited example is Delta Air Lines and Delta Faucets. Customers can distinguish an airliner from a faucet company in the search results.

To check name uniqueness, I recommend completing a full trademark search with an attorney. It's also helpful to check if another business is using a similar domain name.

Tip #5: Avoid Perfectionism

Before you complete a deep dive into brainstorming, I recommend creating a list of words that you might want in your name.

You can choose a word that directly describes your business (like "photo"). Or, you can choose a word that alludes to what your business does (like "lens" or "moment").

We included several photography-specific base word examples below the search box above. Try them out, and you'll develop your own inspiration!


Between this guide, our photography business name generator, and our premium naming platform, you have everything you need to create an amazing photography name. Enter a keyword into our photography business name generator to get started!