7 Easy Tips to Find a Great Business Name in Minutes


Welcome! If you’re taking the time to use our name generator, we want to make sure you get the best possible brand name ideas from it. So in this short guide, you’ll find seven tips that can help you get better name ideas in minutes.

Whether you’re interested in an exact .COM domain name, a slightly modified .COM domain name, or a pure brand name, you’ll find everything you need with this guide and our tool.

We designed these tips to be “quick wins” to help you get better name ideas in a few minutes. We ranked them in order, with the most impactful items ranked first. You’ll also find GIFs for any tips that could benefit from visual explanation.

You don’t have to try all seven tips. Even following one of them can drastically increase the quality of your name ideas.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Try Different Input Words (aka Word Sparks)

Our #1 tip is to try different input words in your search. Each name idea from NameBounce will include your input word, so it’s an enormous factor in the quality of the names.

Most users focus on the most obvious input keywords. For example, a fitness business owner might search “fitness,” while a photography business might search “photo” or “photography.”

You can certainly find great name ideas using this technique. But you can try other types of input words that might work even better for your brand.

Here are the three main types of input words (which we call “Word Sparks” ):

  1. Descriptive Word Sparks. These Word Sparks directly tell people what your business does, which can be a huge advantage in reaching your target market. A name like “Pulse Photography” couldn’t be anything other than a photography business.
  2. “Hinting” Word Sparks. These Word Sparks hint at what your business does. A name like “LightWave” hints that the business is a photography studio. But it also leaves room for future business model expansion. These are typically our favorite type of Word Sparks.
  3. “Brandable” Word Sparks. These Word Sparks do not hint at what your business does. The biggest advantage of Brandable Word Sparks is flexibility for future business model expansion. An example would be choosing a photography studio name like “Starbliss.”
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Tip #2: Search a Different Domain Extension

If finding different input words was Tip #1, we really should call this Tip #1A. It’s just about equally as important. (If you can only focus on two tips in this guide, focus on these two.)

Our generator searches for exact .COM domains by default. But you might be open to a slightly modified .COM. Or, you might want a pure brand name.

If that’s the case, try searching a domain extension other than .COM. Completing this step is essential even if you aren’t looking for a domain name.

Head over to our business name generator page to select an alternate extension. Then, you can choose your extension in the search box before you search. You can also choose an alternate extension on the search results page.

The #1 alternate extension I recommend is .NET. It’s a popular secondary alternative to .COM. And if the .NET is available, there’s a good chance that nobody is actively using the .COM. (A domain investor will likely own it, but that doesn’t mean it’s in use.)

Another option is searching the .CO or .IO extension. These extensions are especially great for startups but can work for many other businesses.

Finally, you can search your country’s domain extension if you’re outside of the US. Picking an extension like .CO.UK, .IN, or .PL can provide enormous SEO benefits. In some cases, a CCTLD might be an even better option than a .COM.

Tip #3: Use the Filters

Next, I recommend using the filters on the left side of the page. (They’re above the search results if you’re browsing on your phone.)

Doing this won’t create NEW name ideas, but it will help you quickly sort through the existing ones. And if you refine your name list, it will be easier to spot a great name that fits your criteria.

Here’s a quick overview of the filters and how they can benefit you. You can use all three of them together to really narrow down your results.

  1. Search Term Filters: If you click on one of these filters, you’ll have a much easier time visually sifting through the name ideas.
  2. Length Filter: A good rule of thumb in naming is “the shorter, the better.” This filter will eliminate names that are too long for you.
  3. Syllable Filter: Lower syllable names are usually more memorable and easier to pronounce. (Think of how easy it is to say “NameBounce” versus “International Business Machines.”)

Tip #4: Add “The” Before Your Keyword

Next, you can try adding “The,” or a similar word, before your Word Spark.

Let’s use “Click” as an example search. “Click” is a great “hinting” Word Spark for a digital marketing agency.

Click is a popular keyword in domains. And you can certainly find some great .COM domains using it. Some examples I found include Puraclick.com, ClickCascade.com, and ClickDynasty.com.

But if you search “TheClick,” you’ll get an even more extensive selection of name ideas. You could pick a .COM domain like “The Click Deck,” “The Click Wave,” or “The Click Drive.”

Make sure to use the appropriate search term filter. There’s no use in looking through names like “Click Wave The” in the search results.

Watch this GIF to see how it works. Notice how I didn’t put a space between “The” and “Click.”

Tip #5: Add “And” After Your Keyword

Another idea is to add “And,” or a similar word like “By,” after your keyword.

When you add “and” to your search, you create “This & That” names and phrases. These names (as seen in the Hipster Business Name Generator), are becoming incredibly popular. And not just with hipsters.

To search for “this & that” names, add your Word Spark before or after the word “and.” Here are a few example searches:

  • “SkyAnd:” Returns names like “Sky & City,” “Sky & Shore” (alliterative!), and “Sky & Dream”
  • “KeyAnd:” Returns names like “Key & Hive,” “Key & Ivy,” and “Key & Cottage”

Like with Tip #4, make sure to select the appropriate search term filter. You won’t want to choose a name like “Jet Sky &,” so removing those names from the search results is a great idea.

Our two-word search works by replacing one of the keywords in your name with synonyms and related words.

For example, let’s say you search the words “Gleam” and “Tree.” You’ll see name ideas like the following:

  • GleamForest, GleamPark, LusterTree

Using a two-word search is a fantastic way to find unique business names relevant to your original search query.

Tip #7: Read The Guides on Our Name Generator Pages

Our final tip is to read through the guides on our name generator pages.

You probably didn’t see the content below the search box when you arrived at NameBounce, which makes sense. But there’s a ton of valuable content in there that can help you name your business.

We have some more general pages, like our business name generator and domain name generator. But we also have pages for more specific types of businesses, like our agency name generator and restaurant name generator.

To check out the complete list, click here. The generator pages are all quick reads, and you might find advice tailored to your specific business.


Hopefully, you now have everything you need to find incredible business name ideas. These seven tips will move you in the right direction, and I’m sure you’ll start seeing better name ideas instantly.

If you want to find your name quickly, I recommend focusing on Tips #1 and #2. These two tips alone will drastically increase the quality of your names. And it takes seconds to switch your domain extension, and minutes to find new Word Sparks.

If you want to turbocharge your naming process, download the two free guides below Tip #1 and Tip #2.

Thank you again for taking the time to use NameBounce and read this guide. Happy naming!