Advertiser Disclosure

We know firsthand how difficult it is to find a good business name with a matching available domain name, and created NameBounce to help you in your search.

We want to keep our name generator as a free resource for you to use. However, we spent a lot of time building it, and need to make money to keep it updated and active.

To make money off of the site without charging our users, we entered into referral partnerships with several companies. These companies pay us a commission if you purchase their products after clicking on our links (at no added cost to you).

We only partner with companies that we feel are the best option for you, regardless of what they pay us. In full disclosure, here is a list of products that we link to, and detail on which ones pay us and which ones don’t:


  • SiteGround (website hosting)
  • SEMRush (digital marketing tools)
  • ConvertKit (email list management)


  • Hotjar (additional tools for your website)
  • Unsplash (free stock images)
  • Making Websites Win Book (conversion rate optimization)
  • Akismet (comment spam prevention)

Thank you for taking the time to use NameBounce, and for trusting us as you start your business.