NameBounce Advertiser Disclosure

How We Make Money

In our About page, we mention that we offer many of our products and services for free.

Even though we offer a lot for free, we aren't a non-profit company. You might be wondering: how exactly do we make money?

Naming Made Easy is the most obvious answer, but it's not the only way. To keep offering our services for free, we participate in affiliate marketing partnerships.

What does this mean? Essentially, if you purchase a product or service through our referral link, the service provider will pay us a commission.

Affiliate marketing is the primary reason we are able to keep our core service free. Otherwise, we can't stay in business. Which will make it harder for people like you to find great names that they love.

How We Manage Conflicts of Interest in Affiliate Marketing

Naturally, many people have conflict-of-interest questions with affiliate marketing. Here's how we try to navigate around that.

First off, let's be real for a minute. We can't deny that commission rates ARE important. We'd be lying if they weren't. And most businesses that offer a free service work in this way.

Think of Google Search. They show the user great search results, but they still make money from advertisers. The higher an advertiser bids, the higher up they go in the search results. Same with Facebook. They intersperse ads (again, typically the highest bidder or the most effective ad) within your news feed. Or YouTube. They show ads before, during, and after videos. I could go on and on here, all the way down to your favorite retailer.

We try to do the same thing as these massive companies. Our goal is to balance providing you a valuable service while still making money. We're also much smaller than these companies, so we can put a lot more thought into who we recommend. Here's how:

First, we only recommend products that we have used and/or tested ourselves. For example, Axel (our founder) designed (and paid for) a Tailor Brands logo for his under-construction personal site. You can see it at the bottom of our Tailor Brands review.

Secondly, we try to recommend products that are low-cost, or you can try before purchasing. For example, with Tailor Brands, you can design your logo for free. You can even build your website using their website builder. Their pricing model eliminates a ton of your risk around purchasing.

Here is a full list of the partners that compensate us:

  • Bluehost (domain names & website hosting)
  • Tailor Brands (logos, domain names, & website hosting)
  • Squadhelp (premium domain names)
  • SiteGround (website hosting)


We know that trust takes a long time to build. And it's a key part of how we run our business. I hope that this page helped you understand why we do what we do!

If you have questions, feel free to email us at INFO at NAMEBOUNCE dot COM, or check out our FAQ page. Thank you so much for using NameBounce!