NameBounce Advertiser Disclosure

How We Make Money

Even though we offer a lot for free, we aren't a non-profit company. You might be wondering: how exactly do we make money?

Our affordable naming courses are the most obvious answer, but it's not the only way. To keep offering a valuable free service, we participate in affiliate marketing partnerships. This is how most of the business name generators that you see make money.

What does this mean? Essentially, if you purchase a product or service through our referral link, the service provider will pay us a commission.

Affiliate marketing is the primary reason we are able to keep our core service free. Otherwise, we can't offer any free tools. Which will make it harder for people like you to find great names that they love.

Here is a full list of the partners that compensate us:

  • (domain names & website hosting)
  • Tailor Brands (logos, domain names, & website hosting)
  • SiteGround (website hosting)

If you have questions, feel free to email us at INFO at NAMEBOUNCE dot COM, or check out our FAQ page. Thank you so much for using NameBounce!