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Generate Hundreds of Blog Name Ideas Instantly

If you want to start a new blog, you’re in the right place. There are over 600 million blogs in the world today, out of 1.7 billion websites! That’s more than the population of every country except China and India.

With so many blogs out there, it’s more important than ever to find a blog name that stands out. Yet, you’re not only going to need to find a great name, but get a matching domain name along with it. With over 350 million registered domains, that’s becoming harder by the day.

With NameBounce, you can find an original name for your new blog AND register the matching domain name. One great way to brainstorm blog names is to make a list of 10 keywords that you might want to include in your blog name, and enter them into the search box. Then, search each keyword on NameBounce, starring any blog names that you like.

The best part about using a blog name generator is that you don’t have to worry about checking each name for domain availability. NameBounce runs an initial check on each name before showing you the search results. If you find a blog name that you like, we have a built-in double-check function that will activate when you click on the name.

NameBounce generates hundreds of blog name ideas with every search, so we included some filters to help you eliminate names that aren’t a fit. There are three different filters, including a search term filter, length filter, and syllable count filter. Once you find a promising blog name, click on it to double-check that it’s available, then click on the star to save it to your favorites list!

You Can Have Your Blog Live in Under an Hour

Believe it or not, building a blog is easy. The world’s oldest blogger, Dagny Carlsson, didn’t even know how to use a computer at age 99, and she is still going strong at age 107 today! Building a blog and posting on it is much simpler than you think. To show you how to create your blog step-by-step, we created a comprehensive beginner’s guide on how to build a WordPress website using SiteGround's WordPress Starter tool.

The WordPress Starter tool has 14 pre-made themes specific to blogs. These include a cooking blog, fashion blog, personal blog, and many more. Even if you can’t find the perfect theme, many companies and developers create WordPress themes. ThemeForest alone has over 2,000 available blog and magazine themes!

The best part about using SiteGround’s WordPress Starter tool is that you can make your blog your own. Within our guide, we show you how to use Elementor, a WordPress tool that helps you customize your website’s pages with simple drag-and-drop features. You won’t be locked into the standard template, so you can make a blog that genuinely showcases your writing.

We built and customized our blog at in around an hour, using the “news site” theme that the WordPress starter tool offers.

Are you ready to bring your blog to life? In one hour, you could have a fully functioning blog where you can write to your heart’s content. Just click here to access our website building guide!

5 Essential Tips for Choosing a Great Blog Name

In this section, we outlined five must-follow tips that are specific to finding a great blog name. For more detail, check out our How to Name Your Business blog post. The post has essential naming tips for every type of business venture (including a blog). The guide is over 2,000 words and goes along perfectly with these blog-specific naming tips!

Tip #1: Use a Custom Domain

At the top of this page, I mentioned that there were over 600 million blogs, but only 350 million registered domain names.

The majority of blogs don’t have a custom domain. Any blogs that don’t have a custom domain will use a blogging platform like Blogspot. The URL that readers type in will be something like “”

While this is perfectly fine, having a custom blog domain adds legitimacy, is easier for your readers to type in, and is extremely affordable. Once you create your blog using our guide, WordPress is straightforward to post on, just like the blogging platforms.

Since you managed to find NameBounce, you probably know this already! However, I wanted to re-iterate it here in case you’re on the fence.

Tip #2: Avoid Hyphens, Acronyms, Odd Spellings, and Numbers (Unless It’s Obvious)

When I tell someone about my website over the phone, it’s much easier to say “NameBounce Dot Com” than “Name DASH Bounce Dot Com.” Even though you may not be on the phone often with a new blog, it’s a good general rule to avoid hyphens, acronyms, odd spellings, numbers, and anything else that might confuse people.

The only exception here is that you can consider using a number if it’s obvious. Some famous examples include and Most people would not think to type out or!

Tip #3: Phrases Can Work Great for Blogs

Many famous brand names are two words (like Facebook, Salesforce, or YouTube). While there are many successful blogs with two-word names, many choose to use phrases with three or more words. Some examples from this list of 31 successful blogs include The Penny Hoarder, Making Sense of Cents, and Pinch of Yum.

Since you’re reading here, NameBounce has a secret feature that helps you find phrases. We originally had it in the primary generator tool, but when we tested it with people, we found that many were entering keywords like “fun exciting innovative.” Since our blog name generator works by substituting one of the keywords with related words, it didn’t return helpful results.

However, the feature is still on the site, just hidden! Click this URL to access it. Once the page loads, replace the words "FIRST," "SECOND," and "THIRD" in the URL with your desired phrases. (Note that the search box won’t work, so you’ll have to change it in your browser’s address bar).

As an example, if you search “pinch of yum” using this hidden tool, then filter to show the names starting with “pinch,” you’ll see several names that could work (although I’d be careful about using any of them due to trademark concerns). These include PinchOfChocolate, PinchOfCandy, and PinchOfCookie. (It looks like the search algorithm enjoys desserts!)

Tip #4: Make Sure Your Blog Name Isn’t Restrictive

With the “PinchOfChocolate” example above, you’d likely have to blog about dessert recipes. Of course, a dessert recipe blog is a great option if you love desserts and don’t want to write about anything else, but what if you do want to expand to writing restaurant critiques, vegan recipes, or something else?

It’s essential to choose a name that fits with what you might post about in the future. Pinch of Yum is a great name because the name still works for blogging about vegan recipes, breakfast foods, desserts, and anything else food-related.

Tip #5: Ask Yourself Why You Want to Start a Blog

No matter what you choose to blog about, your blog is your platform to show the world who you are. So, it’s vital to take an introspective look at why you are starting your blog in the first place, and how you want to communicate with your readers.

I started NameBounce because manually searching for a business name is a challenging process. I wanted to make the process simple and fun. That’s one of the reasons I chose to name this site NameBounce. Not only is it a simple name to say (only two syllables), but the word bounce (with the orange colors throughout the site) conveys a fun element.

After you look at why you want to start a blog, finding a name that fits your core message will become much easier!

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